Bar in restavracija Špica
Cesta svobode 9
4260 Bled

tel.: + 386 (0)4 574 30 27


Dear Guests,

After quite some time, and a lot of thinking, we have finally made a decision:

It is time for a new chapter, a new story. A story which is local and, more importantly, personal. I was a rower once, and I won an Olmypic bronze, the first Olmypic medal ever for independent Slovenia. Actually, I competed in four Olympics. Then, there was Chilli. For eight years. And now it is Špica, which is Slovene for the bow seat of the boat, where I used to row.

There are five pillars here, one for every Olympic medal Slovenian rowers have earned so far. We offer more than 50 beer brands, because a sip of brew was the perfect regeneration drink after a hard training session. There are more than 90 different wines, because at Chilli I fell hopelessly in love with wine and became a sommelier. And there are over 60 different types of homemade schnapps, brandy and liquers, because it is nice to end a good meal with a glass of liquor.

On the foundations of the former Maxican food restraurant we have created a space which now offers a comprehensive and truly exciting culinary experience. In harmony with our new vision, we have redesigned the menu to include a wide range of the tastiest Slovenian dishes with highlights of the world's finest cuisines. Our carefully selected foods use locally sourced ingredients, and we are confident that at Špica every guest will find that perfect dish!